6th August to 10th August

Unit of inquiry

A new unit of inquiry began with the:

Transdisciplinary Theme: How we express ourselves

Central Idea: People have different reasons for and ways to celebrate

Lines of Inquiry:

  • Reasons for celebrations
  • Ways of celebrations
  • Celebrating festivals differently

Students were tuned into the 1st line of inquiry ‘Reasons for celebrations’ through an exciting inquiry where they enjoyed creating an artifacts corner thereby further enhancing their vocabulary by learning new words and their usage.

Students loved listening to a story called ‘Kippers birthday’. As a follow up, they planned a birthday party by choosing pictures from a mixed pool associated with the celebration. Through this activity they learned the skill of prediction that helped them with problem solving skills.

Learner profile attribute like ’Knowledgeable’ was emphasized through different activities.


To enhance their pre-writing skills students made patterns (sleeping line, slanting line, standing line) with play dough. To enhance their fine motor skills, students traced with the help of metal insets.


To count and determine the number of objects in a set, students were divided into groups and were given random quantity from 1 to 5.

Students also practiced orderly placement of quantities in a ten frame card.

Orderly placement of quantities was reinforced through a hopscotch game where students jumped on the quantities placed on the floor and guessed the number.

To subitise up to 5, they were shown the quantities in a ten frame card to guess the quantity.



Students practiced introducing themselves in Hindi.

To develop early literacy skills, vocabulary and oral language skills & communication, the students were narrated a story called ‘chotti machali’ through stick puppets.

As a part of early year skill building program students focused on:

  • Spooning rice and transferring water for enhancing fine motor skills
  • Sequencing Montessori broad stairs for developing visual discrimination for dimensional awareness
  • Drawing insets as for preparation of writing
  • Carrying a chair for enhancing gross motor skills and eye-hand co-ordination




Students learned a new song called ‘Shapes’. They also had fun practicing vocal exercises.




Students were introduced to the alphabet app where they tried to write the letters with their index finger during lessons

Physical Education

Students have begun practicing different modes of stretching exercise to develop body co-ordination to improve the flexibility and strength.



While connecting to celebrations students of Nursery made the tricolour flag in visual art class . They recognized the Indian  National Flag and also responded to the three symbolic colours .They created the flag through colouring and pasting technique.


25th July to 3rd August

The Joeys were engaged in a variety of fun filled activities during their first week at school to make sure they settle into a routine quickly and easily.

An icebreaker activity called ‘roll a topic’ was played to build a classroom community. Students took turns rolling the dice and counted the dots on the dice to answer questions.


Learners profile attribute of being caring was emphasized through different activities such as taking care of plants, sharing of manipulative with peers and story-telling.

Students were introduced to the meaning of the term ’weather’ through a discussion. They were able to build a new vocabulary list about our weather with a words chart. Reinforcement of the same was done using weather flashcards. Students were exposed to their surroundings using weather sensory bottles and were explained how each one represented a type of weather.


Reinforcement of days of the week was done using the weather chart. The students recorded everyday weather as a part of their morning routine on the chart.

Name of the months in a year was introduced with a craft activity. Students also learned about the characteristics that make them unique and similar by using a birthday graph.


Vocabulary development through ‘Puddle jump’ activity was undertaken where students identified objects and spoke a few lines about each.

Students developed their visual memory, improved their attention span and refined their fine motor skills through pre-writing work including sandpaper tracing.


To enhance their literacy skills, creativity and imagination, students listened to a story about the very hungry caterpillar. The sequence in story aided to recapitulate the days of the week.

As a part of early year skill building program students learned to work with the following:

  • Pink tower for enhancing fine motor skills
  • Sorting activities
  • Scooping pom-pom balls for understanding of cause and effect
  • Using social graces – ‘excuse me’, ‘sorry’, ‘please’ and ‘thank you’


An introductory class made students comfortable with their surrounding and brushed their know-how of using the iPad. Students were introduced to ‘Doo-doo Lite’ app in which they made their favourite character.


The students had fun learning a new song called ‘Shake Our Sillies’.   https://youtu.be/03zqJQJRLN0

They also had fun exploring the instruments in the music room.



Joeys loved to talk about their favourite colours in the art class. As a follow up, they made some essential agreements for colouring inside the art room. They also improved their artistic skills by colouring a given composition using crayons and colour pencils.


Student learned a combination of elementry level (Jazz, Blade hands) and (First & second parallel) feet positions with different types of music during their dance routine.

Physical Education

Students have begun working on components that aid practice of locomotor activities.

DPSI Vision and Mission


To offer an exceptional educational environment that develops compassionate, ethical and global citizens who are equipped to achieve their potential in education, work and life.


  • To prepare students for an ever changing and challenging world.
  • To instil in them a passion for learning and a spirit of inquiry that integrates practical and intellectual perspectives.
  • To help students grow into responsive and responsible global citizens.
  • To foster in them respect and care towards others and the environment.
  • To provide the school community an environment which is a blend of universal values, pedagogy and innovation.